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Cyber Security Intro

D-Wall’s Cyber Security Service is analyzing deeply the cyber risks companies face and applying the best security solutions regarding to the requirements within the budget.

Nowadays, you need to protect your data in the cyber World like you are protecting your house, car or any belongings from the thieves.

Damages arising from cyber security risks costs billions of dollars worldwide even though it is not being awared by the society.

You are either in the limelight or not, every device connected to the internet becomes a target.

Some companies consider the cyber security services cost high. Therefore, they do not take action to protect their data. Those companies tries to cope up with the higher amount of costs and the loss of time after they face a problem. Unfortunately They are mostly inadequate at that case. One can easily say that taking precautions earlier is cheaper than after facing an issue.

It is not accurate to consider cyber security as only to protect the network from the attacks made by different locations. They, not encrypted backup or backup without knowing whether can be restored, are also security bugs. We would like to inform you that almost 75% of the breaches happens within the companies.

Data Security is not a product, is a process which requires constant evaluation on the rising risks and the cyber attacks. Don’t be late to start this process.

Penetration Test is to inspect the security of target systems and networks with the eyes of hackers, exploit detected vulnerabilities and produce solutions to eliminate vulnerabilities.

The penetration test, also known as Pentest, is a simulated cyberattack against your system (operating systems, services, applications, etc.) to check for exploitable vulnerabilities.

There are several reasons to have regular penetration tests. First and foremost, penetration testing helps to ensure that user data is secure, identify vulnerabilities, discover vulnerabilities in the system, and evaluate the overall strength of existing defense mechanisms.

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