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Application investments for corporate resources, customer relations, accounting and information management constantly increase companies server needs in direct proportion.

Even though the needs could have been met easily with a few servers before, today more server resources are needed.

Companies host separate servers for tasks such as ERP, CRM, HR, accounting, e-commerce, e-mail, web application, security and corporate applications.

As the number of servers increased, expenses such as maintenance and support costs of these devices, electricity costs, uninterrupted power supply investment for the continuity of services, larger system rooms, more cooling have naturally increased the cost.

On the other hand, it is observed that the processor and memory usage of the physical hardware used is generally not very high and resources are mostly wasted.

In order to use existing physical resources more efficiently, virtualization platforms were established on physical servers and many virtual servers started to serve on these platforms.


Virtualization projects provides advantages such as efficiency, flexibility, modularity, easy manageability, business continuity, easy return scenario and savings.

With our expert and experienced technical staff, we can reconstruct and project your information systems in virtual architecture, and transfer your servers to virtual platforms without interrupting your business processes.

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